Fame For Austria 2018

Fame and honor for Austria

and for the capital Vienna

Austria - Coat Of Arms

Our Mission:

1. To advance Austrian science
to the forefront
of international research
and to stabilize this position.

2. To strengthen cooperation
with international research centers:
  • Université Mohammed Premier,
    Oujda, Morocco
  • Australian National University,
    Canberra, Capital Territory
  • Washington and Lee University,
    Lexington, Virginia, USA
  • Aichi University of Education,
    Nagoya, Japan
  • University of Calgary,
    Alberta, Canada

International Conferences:

January 13 - 15, 2018:
3rd International Conference
on Groups and Algebras
ICGA 2018, Sanya, China
Invited Keynote:
Deep Transfers
of p-Class Tower Groups
Conference Poster

Vienna - Parliament - Pallas Athena Fountain

Progressive Innovations and Outstanding Scientific Achievements:

  1. Co-periodicity Isomorphisms between co-class forests
    arising from infinitely repeated Multifurcations

  2. Artin Limit Patterns for the Successive Approximation
    of the stages of p-class towers and their Galois groups

  3. Fork Topologies on Structured Descendant Trees and
    quantitative measures of Pattern Search Complexity

  4. Fundamental Principles:
    • Polarization principle
    • Mainline principle
    • Monotony principle

Background of Scientific Applications:

Marius Sophus Lie, December 17, 1842, Nordfjordeid --- February 2, 1899, Kristiania (Oslo)

Continuous transformation group --- Lie group, Tangent space at the identity --- Lie algebra

Galilei transformation group  →  Classical mechanics in Euclidean 3-space

Lorentz transformation group  →  Relativistic mechanics in Minkowski 4-space
  • space - time - translations
  • proper orthochronous transformations
  • rotations in Euclidean 3-subspace
  • spatial reflection, time inversion
  • combined space - time - inversion

Aims of Current Research:

Symmetry groups  →  Noether Theorem: conservation laws for observables

Poincaré group, Killing groups  →  General Relativity

Maxwell, Feynman: Quantum Electro Dynamics (QED), Quantum Field Theories

Gauge invariance, non-abelian Yang - Mills theory  →  Quantum Chromo Dynamics (QCD)

  • Spectral class O Stars: Theta1 Orionis C1 (Trapezium Cluster)
  • Luminous Blue Variables (LBV): Deneb, Eta Carinae, P-Cygni, LMC: S-Doradus
  • Wolf-Rayet Stars (WR): Gamma Velorum, LMC: R136a1
  • White Dwarf Stars: Sirius B, Prokyon B (Chandrasekhar limit)
  • Neutron Stars, Pulsars, Magnetars: RX J1856 (Tolman - Oppenheimer - Volkoff limit)
  • Quark Stars: no proven example is known currently
  • Black Holes: Cygnus X1
  • Supermassive Black Holes in Galactic Centers: Milky Way, Andromeda Galaxy
  • Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB): GRB170817A, GW170817


Co-periodicity isomorphisms between forests of finite p-groups

Successive approximation of p-class towers

Deep transfers of p-class tower groups

Modeling rooted in-trees by finite p-groups

Recent progress in determining p-class field towers

Daniel C. Mayer

Principal Investigator and
Project Leader of several

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